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Star Finch Fledglings! Pics added



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Star Finch Fledglings! Pics added

Post by barackbentiie on Sat Jan 20, 2018 7:05 am

Hello all,

Woohoo, things are really looking up here. This morning, 3 Star finch babies fledged, and they are already NFSS closed banded and family color banded. They didn't stay in my hand for a photo op like the RCCBs did, so I'll let them settle down and then get some pictures.

This is the pair that tossed 2 babies a couple weeks ago, the same day that the RCCBs tossed 1 baby--I think I made too much vacuuming noise. So they would have had 5. They are also the pair that has given me 5 already in the clutch before this, so this is now a proven pair. The hen is a Society-fostered baby from late 2006. I wish my other two pairs of Stars would raise some babies, so I could make up some unrelated pairs.

I now know I have at least 1 Fire finch baby, should be fledging any day now, and I hope it has a sibling. Two pairs of Goldbreasts act like they have babies, but it is hard to tell with them. My wild caught pair of Goldbreasts is finally making a nest. My Owls and Strawberries are sitting (I think).

I'm hoping my luck has changed. I would love to have more babies than I know what to do with--bliss!

Thank you

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